Group Energy Healing Sessions
Weekly Group Healing Session:
: Every Thursday, 6-7 pm PST
Location: Online (Zoom)
Price: $20 (first session free!)

How to join:
Submit payment through Venmo/Paypal (@dariagri), then submit your email below to see the Zoom link. Please copy the link, you will not receive an email.

With any questions/issues email me
Please submit to receive Zoom link:
Group sessions are a great way to begin your journey with energy healing.

These sessions are a powerful container where I share healing with a group over zoom. Everyone joins with their own unique intentions and receives the healing they need.

This is a space for connecting deeper with your Soul Self and allowing all good into your life!

What we will do:

A 30-45 minute energy healing session that includes:

- A clearing of your energy system: clearing and balancing of your chakras and energy field

- A healing transmission. It is always different depending on the group and your personal intentions! I will ask you to set an intention for the practice and the healing will go through in accordance.

- The sessions also include a deepening of your connection with your Soul Self!

After the session, you will receive a recording that will be available for a week so you can play the healing again if you would like!


The energy healing method I use includes various modalities of intuitive healing and Reiki. The sessions include clearing your energy field, chakra healing and balancing, energetic system upgrade, alignment to your True Self, and anything that may come up in the session that is asking for attention based on your intention.

During the session I will just ask you to relax and allow the energy to flow through. It is best if you can sit or lie down.

The style may be similar to this:

  • The most genuine reiki/energy healing session I have had! A lot of the things you said resonated so much with me, you talked about the deep things while being lighthearted
  • Thank you so much for all the beautiful & healing energy. Many blessings, peace, love & light to you and everyone here!
  • Thank you It seemed like you were speaking what I was feeling and working through. It was amazing.
  • Thank you Daria. It feel very soothing and cleared out some of the noise in my mind and heart so I feel I can move forward in my healing journey with more joy, hope and clarity (even if it's just for today )
  • I thought the session was beautiful. I felt myself there in the spiritual plane with the angels and guides. I felt like I was floating on clouds and all old energy pouring out of me and a lot of releasing old versions of myself!! Thank you so much Daria.
  • Thank you so much. Your intuition and energy is spectacular

  • Thank you! Feeling more relaxed and helped reduce body tension
  • Omggg this was everything I needed. It's exactly what I journaled I needed earlier today. The part about being a child and losing trust and safety brought me to tears. Thank you so much!
  • Thank you so much. It felt powerful and transformative. I was seeing a lot of colours and light and feeling the energy coming in.
  • Totally relaxing! Thank you so much! It was needed! Blessings
  • I look forward to Thursdays because of these sessions!
  • Thank you this was amazing!
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