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Energy Healing

Find your Freedom Through Energy Healing
Hi, I'm Daria!
I help clients live their best and most meaningful lives
through energy healing, meditation, and embodiment practices.
I'm here to support you on your journey of emotional and spiritual healing.
The Love, fulfillment, peace, connection, and joy that you seek are your True nature!

Are you ready to come home to yourSelf?
Dear Soul,
You are not alone.
You have a team that supports you.
You are a Soul that loves and guides you.
You have infinite creative potential.
You are a beautiful part of this magnificent Universe
and I want to help you know and feel that
deep within every fiber of your being.

Whatever you are going through, I am here to help.
Energy Healing
Everything is energy. Every thought, emotion, and experience we have holds a particular vibration.

Energy healing work is incredibly efficient because we're able to work on the root cause level that translates into our reality.

By shifting the vibration of our energy we can shift our life experience.

By aligning to what we want on an energetic level, we create a life we desire.

By connecting deeper to our Soul selves, we can live a life that is truly meaningful and fulfilling, and experience the Love that we are.

Work With Me:
Energy Healing Sessions

In my sessions I use a unique combination of different healing modalities including Reiki, working with your Higher Self and Soul Self, Angel healing, chakra work, past life healing, bloodline healing, active listening, as well as other tools I have learned and integrated over the years.

Using these modalities, we can work on any intention you may have for improving your life and wellbeing, including:

Career, business, and life purpose
Physical and mental health
Emotional wellbeing
Dreams and goals
Spiritual goals
Self- love and self-esteem
In the sessions we can work with:

Intentions, dreams, and goals
We can work with your dreams, intentions, and goals, aligning you to the outcome that is for your highest good and a path of most ease and grace on your way there, as we release any energetic blockages standing in your way.

We can diagnose and release energetic blocks that are holding you and your business back. This can include the transformation of unsupportive beliefs and structures; releasing emotional baggage (such as feelings of pressure, perfectionism, or attaching your sense of worth to your work); and healing your relationship with work to let your business be a source of fulfillment and joy.

Physical body and health

We can work with physical health on the energetic level, as a lot of our symptoms are psychosomatic in nature. In the sessions we work on healing the root causes of your symptoms, looking for the energetic, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. Please note that I am not a medical professional and that these Healing modalities are complementary in nature.
I only work with people who take responsibility for their own well-being and their health.

Soul work
A lot of the work that happens in the sessions is a process of reconnecting with the Soul self. We are multidimensional beings, and the Soul is a nonphysical part of ourselves that carries the wisdom, the knowing, and the unconditional love we unconsciously search for in all our life experiences. As we connect deeper to the Soul, we come home. Life becomes meaningful and joyful, we reconnect to a sense of purpose and love – the love that we are!

Like the sun, the Soul is always here, shining its light, but we can obscure parts of ourselves from feeling it by creating blocks and beliefs that prevent us from experiencing the love of our Soul.
For example, a deeply ingrained belief of not being worthy of love blocks us from experiencing the love that we are. Once we reconnect the parts of ourselves that feel unworthy to the Truth of who they are, everything changes.
How can you not feel worthy of love when you know you are Love?

Finding your purpose
In the sessions, we can work on activating your soul blueprint and your life purpose. Life purpose is not a single and static thing, rather it's the ability to embody your own light and bring it forth and various creative ways!
We all have innate gifts and abilities; we all have things that spark us up, that make us excited about living life. We can work on releasing any beliefs and fears that are blocking you from stepping into your Soul purpose, finding what lights you up, and sharing that with the world for the joy of it!

Relationship healing
We can work on healing the energetic connections between you and other people – it may be a partner, a Twin Flame, family members etc. This may include karma and past life healing, cutting energetic cords, healing past traumas and emotional wounds, releasing unhealthy patterns between you and more.

Chakra work
Healing, clearing, balancing, upgrading, and activating your energy centers (chakras). Each chakra is connected to a certain part of our physical body and parts of our emotional body and psyche. These centers can hold information and patterns of our physical and emotional experiences and working on these centers helps us release unhealthy patterns from our lives.

Epigenetic (ancestral) healing
Many patterns and challenges that play out in our lives may be coming from our ancestral lines. For instance, fear of speaking up or expressing yourself is common for people who come from cultures with a history of severe repression. As we release the epigenetic traumas, the fears fall away naturally. In the sessions, we also work to reconnect with the gifts and the power of your bloodline so you can receive the love, guidance, and support of your ancestors.

Emotional healing
Challenging physical symptoms and emotional states we experience may come from not being able to process emotions in a healthy way. Suppressed emotions create tension, internal conflict, as well as physical symptoms in the body. We can work to release suppressed emotions and set you free from their heaviness.

For example, if anger is suppressed (which often happens if we didn't feel safe expressing anger as children) we're unable to set healthy boundaries and feel a sense of safety around others. We can release the trapped emotions from the body and create a healthier flow of emotions in the body. As a result, you'll feel more like yourself, freer, more empowered and connected to your truth.

Balancing masculine and feminine
In sessions, I often work with the inner masculine and inner feminine aspects. These are parts of ourselves that are our internal masculine and feminine, our yin and yang, which we "translate" into our life.

For example, if your inner feminine part is not accepting your inner masculine, you may have a hard time accepting men in your life and a hard time using your masculine side (as energy not gender) – creating structure, being direct, strategical logical planning etc. and may feel like you are overflooded with feeling, only rely on intuitive guidance, and feel a lack of ground and support. On the opposite end, if the inner feminine is suppressed, there may be a lack of flow, of love, of meaning, intuition, and an overly logical or overly intellectualized rigid approach to life.

Doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman, we need both sides to work together harmoniously for our life and relationships to be in harmony, too.

Inner child healing
A happy, healthy inner child is our golden ticket to the experience of joy and magic in life!

Whether you are a healer yourself or would like to work on your intuition and healing abilities and gifts we can work on releasing whatever is blocking you from accessing your intuitive abilities more fully. Many natural healers carry a lot of fears and past life traumas when it comes to using their gifts and abilities, once we release those fears and the wounds of the past, you'll able to access our wisdom, intuition, and healing abilities more fully.

Trauma healing and release
I work with different types of traumas from minor ones we experience throughout life to big life-changing ones. Trauma release happens on energetic, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. We work in a way that is for your highest good - gentle yet efficient. Working with traumatic events on an energetic level is a great way to release the experience from the body without retraumatizing it. Please note that I am not a mental health professional and only work with people who are mentally and emotionally stable and are not taking any heavy psychotropic medications.

Connecting to Angels, Spirit team, God (Goddess/Universe/Source..)
Our life here on Earth has many levels of experience – some of it is non-physical. The realm that is not accessible to the human eye is here, nonetheless. We don't come here alone – we have support and teams in spirit that help us, guide, and protect us. In sessions, we often create a deeper connection with the Angels, with God, and with energies that are here to support you.

Our relationship with God (source/(universe goddess/love/nature) is a crucial part of our well-being on all levels. It is our nature, our source of life force, when we disconnect from it we feel "unplugged" from all the good in life.
We may carry a lot of false beliefs and traumas around the concept of God from religious backgrounds. I want to empower you to find your authentic direct connection to God, to the Divine, to the Angels, which is your birthright and your true nature!

For example, a feeling of fear, depression, and being lost, can come from a lack of direct relationship with the Divine. Once you feel that connection and know in your whole being that it's real and here for you, life becomes a beautiful play: life feels meaningful again and you can relax into the knowing that you are unconditionally loved and supported.

How would your life look if you felt that way?

Connection to Nature
Similarly, we can feel a sense of disconnection from the natural world. Sometimes, that happens when we focus too much on the spiritual and nonphysical aspects of our being, or if we just did not have a chance to build a conscious relationship with nature and the Earth yet. This may result in feeling ungrounded, unsupported, aloof, like you are not quite here.

When we lose a sense of being here in the body, here on Earth, it may feel like you are in a haze, like life happens just outside of your reach, it may seem hard to create in the material world like building relationships, having steady work or income, a home etc.

But didn't we incarnate on this planet to experience embodied life in its fullness?

Nature, Earth is a great organism that we are a part of and this sacred connection is something we can recover.
This is a critical part of our collective work at this time as we find more loving and sustainable ways of living on this planet.
As we embrace our material nature and ground ourselves in a relationship with the Earth, life becomes fuller and richer. We feel ourselves a part of this beautiful ecosystem with its joys and pains. We become the bridges between heaven and earth, vessels of spiritual love embodied in the physical form.

Book a 1:1 Healing Session

A session is 30 or 50 minutes long, done over the phone / video (FaceTime/WhatsApp/Zoom/Skype) or sent as a recording.

Before the session, I will ask you to send me an intention for our work together - what you would like to focus on and what are you hoping to accomplish as a result.

The session begins with a conversation about your desired intention and outcomes of our meeting. It can be about an emotional state, a relationship, a goal or anything else that you need assistance with.

Typically, a session will start with some energy healing and clearing, where I work on your chakras, your energy field, and sometimes on the energy of the space you're in if that is necessary or requested.
This is an important step as carrying heavy energies in and around your body can significantly affect your mood and overall wellbeing!

Then we focus on your intention. I work with your Angels and your Higher Self to guide the session and heal what it is for the highest good for you in the light of your intention.

There is no need for you do anything during the session, you can just relax. I will be channeling the healing and narrating what is happening in every moment. As an example of what that looks like, you can listen to this session for health upgrade: listen here.

Often clients share that during the sessions they feel like they are in a light meditative state which feels very good (you can scroll down to the testimonials for more feedback).

My intention is always your highest good and doing the most efficient healing with the most ease and grace.

I have been receiving and doing energy healing work for over 7 years now and it has been an incredibly helpful tool on my journey and in the lives of my clients, and it is my absolute joy and honor to be able to share this work with you!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

Pricing and Payment
I offer 30 and 50-minute sessions over the phone / video (FaceTime/WhatsApp/Zoom/Skype) or sent as a recording.

Single Sessions:
30 mins single session - $ 90
50 mins single session - $150

Package Options:
3 x 50 mins sessions - $450 $430
5 x 50 mins sessions - $750 $710 (+ free access to one group session)
10 x 50 mins sessions - $1500 $1400 (+ free access to three group sessions)

Payment can be made through Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle.
Once you email me about booking the session, I will send you the payment details.
Join my online classes & group healing sessions!
Daria Grigoreva
Client Love
  • Anastasia
    Yoga and meditation teacher
    The deepest and most efficient inner work I have ever tried – energy healing done by Daria.

    When I first heard about energy healing, I had no idea what that was. I would imagine an energy healer would work on my energy body, balance chakras, and my overall mood – and that is it. While maybe some energy healers might work exactly like that, when I tried the first session with Daria, I realized how easily and efficiently she can heal anything: from back pain to fears of public speaking, from healing the inner child to balancing past lives' energies, from helping understand what you truly want to remove blockages on the path towards your dreams. And many more!

    Daria has an amazing gift of clear vision, and she works with Spiritual Guides that help clearly see the exact reasons for clients' current situations and challenges. Daria heals what needs to be healed and transforms them in the most effective way, which will be for the clients' Highest good and that is always aligned with their Higher Selves. If you want to solve your challenging situations/problems quickly and in the most efficient way – I highly recommend booking a session with Daria! 🙌
  • Fongfong
    Fashion designer
    The first time I saw Daria I felt like she is the healer I was looking for, and I was right. I am amazed by her psychic ability, she is able to see the problem very deeply. After healing some traumas with her I noticeably feel calmer and lighter, I no longer stuck in the pain anymore. She helped me and my family members a lot, I am thankful to have her in my healing journey.
  • Tatiana
    Life coach
    Daria, I am very impressed with your sessions. I'm so happy that I got to know you. You solved my nighttime overeating problem! You did it so fast! I am enjoying my life without nighttime overeating. Thank you so much!

    Даша, спасибо большое за твои сессии. Ты просто творишь чудеса. Я пришла к тебе с проблемой ночного переедания. И, помимо результата, получила еще и причину, от чего это переедание. И то, что ты лечишь многие вещи просто мгновенно, это просто восхитительно. И еще, помимо исцеления ты открыла мне глаза на очень интересные вещи, связанные с моим родом. Для меня это очень важно и я давно хотела проработать это. В процессе работы с тобой я испытываю невероятный подьем энергии и легкости. Спасибо тебе огромное!
  • April
    Daria's reiki healing and yoga classes have been transformative for my life. She guides us all so well and picks up on all the underlying energies we are experiencing, after every class I feel renewed, realigned, and at peace in my soul. I look forward to the classes every week, Thank you so much Daria you are an angel sent from above and beyond.
  • U. P.
    I feel love and peace after this beautiful healing. You are very intuitive and kind hearted.
    Everythng that you shared was resonated.
    Thank you so much for beautiful relationship healing. 🥰 😇 🧚 God bless you 🙌
  • Group Sessions Feedback
    "Thank you 🙏 It seemed like you were
    speaking what I was feeling and working
    through. It was amazing 🥲"

    "Thank you so much. Your intuition and energy are spectacular."

    "I feel wonderful and relaxed"

    "Thank you so much. Was extremely
    healing and beautiful."

    "Thanks much felt much healing in throat
    and thyroid."

    "Thank you so much for all the beautiful &
    healing energy. Many blessings, peace,
    love & light to you and everyone here"
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