About Energy Healing

About Energy Healing
We are multi-layered multi-dimensional beings. According to a yogic model of Pachamaya Kosha, our bodies have five sheaths, including:

  1. Physical body (Annamaya Kosha)
  2. Energy body (Pranamaya Kosha)
  3. Mental body (Manomaya Kosha)
  4. Higher Wisdom body (Vijnyanaaya Kosha)
  5. Bliss body (Anandamaya Kosha)
All these sheaths and bodies are interconnected. All the information about our experiences, struggles, joys, and memories from this and past lifetimes are stored and can be accessed through our subtle bodies.

The modality of energy healing allows us to access this information on an energetic level to be able to ignite the healing process for the whole body and mind

In my sessions I use a unique combination of different healing modalities including Reiki, working with your Higher Self and Soul Self, Angel healing, chakra work, past life healing, bloodline healing, as well as other tools.

Using these modalities, we can work on any intention you may have for improving your life and wellbeing, including

  • Physical and mental issues
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Work, career, and life purpose
  • Spiritual goals
A session is 50 minutes to 1 hr, done over the phone / video (FaceTime/WhatsApp/Zoom/Skype) or sent as a recording.

Before the session, I will ask you to send me an intention for our work together - what you would like to focus on and what are you hoping to accomplish as a result.

Typically, a session will start with some energy healing and clearing, where I work on your chakras, your energy field, and sometimes on the energy of the space you're in if that is necessary or requested.
This is an important step as carrying heavy energies in and around your body can significantly affect your mood and overall wellbeing!

Then we focus on your intention. I work with your Angels and your Higher Self to guide the session and heal what it is for the highest good for you in the light of your intention. This is completely different for every person. It can be focused on a relationship and healing the energy between you and another person; could be past life healing; working on the inner child and healing the wounds from your past; or anything else. The sessions are absolutely unique.

My intention is always your highest good and doing most efficient healing with most ease and grace.

I have been receiving and doing energy healing work for over 7 years now and it has been an incredibly helpful tool on my journey and in the lives of my clients, and it is my absolute joy and honor to be able to share this work with you!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

Here are a few common challenges Lightworkers go through that we can address in healing sessions:

Being grounded and feeling good in your body.

As beings who are not used to the dense and fear-based space of the Earth, upon incarnation many Lightworkers and Starseeds want to "abandon ship" and "jump out" of the earthly reality. This is something I've been working on within myself for many years and I can attest that life becomes so much brighter and more colorful and joyful when you're HERE in your beautiful BODY! That being said, I have a lot of compassion and understanding for anyone struggling with this and would be happy to assist you. You can read more about the importance of "BEING HERE" - here. :)

Sharing your gifts.
You are here for a reason. Or rather, many reasons. you have something to offer to this world that you were so excited to share when you decided to incarnate! And most likely it will not come as a surprise to you but rather a confirmation of that which you already knew. As a Lightworker, you might find yourself feeling the "pressure" of your mission - like you're supposed to be doing something here but you're unsure what, or how. There might be a lot of fears about your mission related to your past or parallel lives, to resistance from your surrounding collective energy, your family, or other structures. We will work on aligning you with your Soul mission, and assisting you in coming more into your power so that you can shine your light and live your purpose with ease and grace!

Perhaps you've felt or noticed as your life progressed that the way you relate to and relate with people is different from what you see in the movies or in the majority of the social groups around you. That is because as a Lightworker you are hypersensitive (a blessing and a challenge!) and are hyper-aware of people's intentions, emotions, etc. chances are, you're very empathetic. You may feel worn down by toxic or insincere relationships and seek deeper, more meaningful connections. We can work together to release and heal any unhealthy relationships in your life, and open you more to Soul-aligned nourishing connections and partnerships!

Personal and Ancestral Karma and Traumas.
Personal Karma and Ancestral Karma are two big components that are affecting our lives in many ways. In sessions, we can work on healing and clearing your karma, and healing your ancestry, as well as do healing on the land you were born in and the land where you currently live. The same way the phrase "healthy roots, healthy trees" is true in the forest, it is also true in our lives. We carry our ancestry in our blood and our DNA, and as Lightworkers we chose to incarnate in particular family lines to assist in bringing more light and healing to these lines and receive the generous gifts of our ancestors that are lovingly passed down for us to claim. I know this can be a painful and work for many depending on your family story, but it is one worth doing, and the benefits you will reap will be worth it!

Twin Flame Journey.
Twin Flame journey may seem like uncharted territory - because it is. :) Right now with more twin flame couples incarnated than ever before in recorded history, we are here to raise the Earth into Love through our missions and sacred connections. There is a lot out there about Twin Flames, but one thing I do resonate with is that this process is all inner work. This is good news - because wherever you are on your TF journey, you can always take steps working on yourself, your mission, your healing that will take you closer towards a harmonious union. In sessions, we can work on healing between you and your Twin Flame, whether they're incarnated or not, and align the two of you more on the path of Union with most ease and grace!
Other common themes that come up in healing sessions include
- Self-Love - the shining cornerstone of pretty much everything in your life experience :)
- Physical ailments - assisting with the healing of physical symptoms by addressing root causes on energetic and emotional levels
- Alignment with Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine energies - going beyond the 3D template of gender templates and accessing the true power and nature of Masculine and Feminine aspects
- Healing addictions - clearing energetic patterns of addictive behaviors and healing root causes
- Chakra healing - clearing, healing, aligning, upgrading the chakras and the energy body
And more...
In the sessions, I connect with your Higher Self and assist with bringing all parts of you more into alignment with your Soul, your mission here on Earth, and the truth of who you ARE.

It is my greatest joy to assist Lightworkers, Starseeds, and Twin Flames in remembering their true essence and purpose, and grounding more here on the Earth plane.

If these resonate with you and you would like to work together, I'm happy to support you on your journey!

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