About Daria
In the midst of a stressful and busy life, I found my spiritual awakening through yoga, meditation and a number of eye-opening teachings. Meditation became my sacred daily practice and my lifeline. Things began to quickly fall into place when I found energy healing – coupled with yoga and meditation, it was the most effective and efficient practice that allowed me to move through my fears, blocks, anxieties, pains and traumas, quickly tackling mountains that would otherwise take me years to break through.

As I was going deeper into my healing, I discovered my own healing gifts that I am now honored to share with the world!

I want to use these gifts to help people re-discover their Truth, re-connect to their Divine Selves, to live a heart-centered life filled with joy and unconditional love – because that's your birthright.

The healing that I offer works powerfully on every level from the most subtle to the most physical manifestations. It is a great tool to break through any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual negative patterns, misalignments or dis-eases in the easiest, most efficient way.

I hope that you enjoy what I have to offer and I look forward to connecting with you.

A little more about me
- I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia
- I've lived in NYC for five years before I moved to Los Angeles
- I love spending time in nature - my favorite pastime is hiking and swimming in the ocean
- I would live underwater if I could!
- I love dancing and singing! I'm also an amateur ukulele player :)
- I love traveling! Some of my favorite places I got to visit were Norway, India, South Africa and Hawaii.
- On top of my travel bucket list are Iceland, Indonesia, Japan, Peru and Australia.
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